Friday, December 11, 2009

What's that crusty stuff ontop of my zit?

i have a pimple/ zit or something big like one and now i see like a thin layer of skin peeling of....

what is that, and is that normal?? (i use an acne treatment stuff)What's that crusty stuff ontop of my zit?
It is probably dead dry skin. Don't pick it.What's that crusty stuff ontop of my zit?
its your body secreting serium to help cover a hole that could get enfected. yes its normal.
are you sure its not a boil?
The skin sheds natural most of the time you dont see it and it gets into the pores and builds up with a liquid that is made deep in your pores the white bubble you might get on the pimple is the white blood cells fighting the bacteria when you pop a pimple the liquid coes to the top and crusts over this is normal part of the healing process(when you pop a pimple) put just in case try instead of an acne medication wettng your face with hot/warm water and dry /rubbing it with a cotton ball which would take out the dirt in the pores and later switch to less severe medication
maybe it the acne stuff ur using
thats gross wash your face
Zit, it's on yo face son.

acne treatment is really strong. Its probably l layer of dead skin.
Dead skin. No worrys. It worked.

Everyone has that at some point. I do right now.
It's a scab, same as the stuff that forms over an old scratch.
yes its totally normal. it will go away in a few days. its just your body fighting off the bactiria in the pimple, its natural and good. but yeah, it looks gross, but it will go away in about 2 to 3 days.
it could be skin forming over the spot (self healing) or it could be pus from the spot, altough you may not see it leaking* (sounds horrible but thats not how i mean it lol) but it could be, leave it for now, but remember to exfoliate everyday to remove dead skin cells. xxx

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